Airtel DTH Disappointed Start

Have been a Tatasky loyalist from get go, however thanks to their limitations in bandwidth, decided to look out for other providers who offer more channels. Finally pinned down on Airtel DTH. Placed order for the HD box with Mega package. Within 48 hours got installation done, but then started the issues… The connection doesnt get activated !! the wait got till a day and no luck.. Raised a complaint, and to my surprise, i got an SMS later stating tat the complaint has been resolved !! No one even called and i still dont have an active connection !! wierd.. Repeated complaint but no luck yet… Hope they do something about it and i get started on with their services !! Well have to agree, other than lomited channels on offer, Tatsky is far better in terms of service anyday compared to other DTH providers.

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3 Responses to Airtel DTH Disappointed Start

  1. Daphne says:

    Really??? :( But I am so pissed with Tata sky that they took off Amrita channel..
    If this is the feedback, then I will stick with Tata sky…

  2. Finally , after a long wait.. they did install it… But yes Tatasky is far better in terms of quality for sure ! Anyways for more channels, i think u need to compromise a bit as well.

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